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Hi everyone

As a mum of two and enjoying everything I organised get documented, I always have a photographer takes photography at my parties, as I am busy greeting guests and minding children. However, a professional photographer always expensive and I respect that as they have expensive equipments and skills specially trained to do an excellent job.

As a mum on the budget, I cannot always afford one to help me. Hence, I started to train myself again using my own Canon 70D and lenses to capture my smart parties since my first child was born. I got chances to capture his friends' parties too.

Are you hosting a birthday party and wanting someone affordable to capture everything for you?

Our Sweet Events now offering affordable photography services and enjoy your event fully knowing that your memories are being handled for only $40 per hour (minimum 2 hours booked). We don't photoshop our photos. Everything will be transferred into a USB and you can use them freely.

Above are a few photographs from the parties hosted in Brisbane, Queensland. P.S. I don't show pictures with people because I like to keep privacy for my beloved family and friends.

I have a few more and cannot wait to share with you soon.

Happy partying,
Beth xo

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